Col Lawton – Past Future Music

Col Lawton returns to Piston Recordings with his Past Future Music EP, which follows his debut on remix duties for Lebedev (RU) – Susceptibility EP. Newcastle, UK based DJ, producer Col fell in love with music from an early age, listening to the likes of The Jam, Stone roses, Blue and Oasis. He was first influenced by friends at house parties who taught him and inspired him to become a DJ. In the early 2000’s he began to have an interest in producing, taking inspirations from his family who also give him the drive and determination to be the best he can be. Col loves to create music whether it’s producing and looking for a particular sound that evokes those strong emotions or just creating music that brings new people into his life who love the same music as he does. His current musical inspirations include Scott Diaz, Sebb Junior, Manuel Costela, Miguel Migs and The Journey Men. As his career grows and develops, Col hopes to create music that people will love and remember, either because they first heard it dancing in Ibiza with friends or because it’s something they fell in love to. Music that matters is his blue print so his achievements will be measured on if he made good quality music that house music lovers love. He also hopes to be able to travel the world pursuing his dream and enjoy house music for the purpose it was made for – the feeling.

At just over seven-and-a-half minutes, Past Future Music is an epic journey deep into house music. A mixture of several styles converges beautifully into one sublime, coherent, dancefloor groove. Copious amounts of funky grooves, striking electric guitar riffs and soulful vibes sit on a bed of tight drums and exotic percussions, resulting in shuffling rhythms that force you to move. Top-notch, not to be missed.

Col’s distinct production style shines through once again, this time on Sanity, which intros with a nice chunky kick drum, accompanied by swishing hats and rhythmic, slapped percussions. A deep, resonating bassline moves effortlessly through the low-end as cool, clubby vocals add character. Fresh and upbeat, the perfect fodder to get the party into full swing.

Away rounds off this fine release, and does so in a flurry of funky grooves expert construction. We’re treated to another excellent display of drum arrangement that simply, makes you move. The bassline sits perfectly, adding weigh to the groove as various groovy keys weave intricate patterns to the backdrop of cool vocals. A solid slice that will not disappoint.