Col Lawton & MD Trax – Let it Go

MD Trax welcomes back on their schedule Col Lawton. This time, it’s with Col’s own original work. With 4 mixes to choose from, this release is an all-encompassing affair taking you from the deep, cerebral sounds of Col Lawton’s original mix through to the stripped back, energetic club grooves of the D&M Past Time Mix.

The Original Mix utilizes strong percussive and live sax elements to create a lush, rich soundscape perfect for the summer.

Neil Smallridge’s Found A UFO Remix ramps the energy level up slightly, introducing unique electronic sounds and winding the groove a little tighter whilst retaining the soulful vibes and the live sounding bass.

The D&M Deep Mix is a beautifully crafted slice of true deep house. Clever use of the original version’s elements ensures the track continually evolves and builds whilst strong rhythmic elements keep the warm, spacious groove energised.

D&M’s Past Time Mix is the most upbeat here, perfect for those dark basements. Hypnotic tremolos abruptly give way to razor sharp, pumping grooves never allowing proceedings to become too hazy, ensuring energy levels remain firmly in the red.